Aloha! I’m Kim, nice to meet you!

Pixiewave is a creative studio specialized in visual content.

I started this creative studio because I felt that there was something missing in this industry. I often hear people that have amazing ideas and visions but then they get stuck. They just don’t know where to start, and there are so many businesses offering the same thing, how to make the right decision? I wanted to start a studio where we keep things simple, we just do and keep moving, and above all where the work is fun! 

Life values

Sharing is caring

Creating is my passion, when I can help others with that I’m happy to share.

Kindness is free

So why not throw it around like confetti and make it one big party?

Make life fun

Bring a little bit of fun into as many thing as possible.

The value of worthwhile work;
to work with intent and with purpose.


Work is such a big part of our life. It can and should bring joy and meaning to every day.

My work brings me so much energy and fulfillment. I feel very lucky that I get to help others with doing the things I love and I’m good at! And I want the same for you: that you can help others by sharing your own passion.