Your brand

deserves to shine!

You’ve just started your new business or are you ready for the next step?! Awesome! Go you! I’d love to help you with a beautiful and professional looking brand. I can help you with all kinds of graphic designs for your business. Maybe that’s just a logo for now, including a businesscard and a flyer perhaps? Whatever the product will be, let’s make sure it represents you and makes your brand shine!

There are a lot of different options within graphic design. A few examples: logo, businesscard, business letter, flyer, poster, brochure, postcards, presentation, (e-)magazine, (e-)book… and so on! There is not one general package to cover everything you might need for your business. Obviously this very different for every business. But I’m always happy to brainstorm together, figure out what you might need and I’m always up for a challenge for any new fun or crazy ideas!

This branding package is the most popular option and serves as an example. It includes the basics that you will need to start/refresh your brand. But of course it’s also possible to only choose a logo or other seperate products. 

Is this branding package not for you? Don’t worry! I’m sure I can still help you out. Just send me a message with what you’d like and let’s have a chat.

*For businesses in NL price is excl btw.

The way we will

do things

Surely you’d like to know how we will go forward before we actually start working together. We will start with a discovery phase, I have some questions about your business and of course I’d like to see some inspiration from you.

Now the actual creating starts! I will do my magic (just kidding, it doesn’t sparkle), and I’ll keep you posted on the progress so that you can give feedback and let me know what you do and do not like.

And before you know it… Tadaa, it’s done! Yes, it can be that simple and fun. Wohoo!

Curious what Pixiewave has created? Have a look at these logo examples below

I have created and redesigned logo’s and brands for all sorts of businesses. Here you can find a small selection of some of the magic created. I will always make sure that the visuals will fit your brand!

Ready for the next step? Let’s create a beautiful brand for your business.