Let’s have fun

and be social!

Social media is fun! How amazing is it that we can follow our favorite brands and be inspired by them?! So are you ready to inspire your followers? I’m sure you are! Let’s make sure that you stand out with beautiful visuals and that your followers love your brand.

This package will provide you with a good start for your business profile on facebook and instagram. Of course you are free to use this content for other channels aswell. Do you already have a well established social media page and are just looking for more content? Let’s think of some new creative ways to inspire and engage with your fans.

Would you also like support with posting and community for your social channels? I offer monthly plans for this, based on the frequency of uploads and which channels.

Is this social package not for you? Don’t worry! I’m sure I can still help you out. Just send me a message with what you’d like and let’s have a chat.

**For businesses in NL price is excl btw.

The way we will

do things

Surely you’d like to know how we will go forward before we actually start working together. We will start with a discovery phase, I have some questions about your business and of course I’d like to see some inspiration from you.

Now the actual creating starts! I will do my magic (just kidding, it doesn’t sparkle), and I’ll keep you posted on the progress so that you can give feedback and let me know what you do and do not like.

And before you know it… Tadaa, it’s done! The amazing visuals can go live on your social media. Wohoo!